What is transparency?

Colorado needs to follow the lead of other states by enacting transparent government spending. Transparent government spending means we see each government's actual checkbook register including credit card spending. Every government in Colorado from the state to cities, schools and special districts needs to make these records available on the internet for anyone to review. Transparent spending is the only way to really see how our money is spent. Usually, spending is illustrated in generic methods, such as a graph that shows 18% of a budget or $3,000,000 is spent on "supplies and services". Detailed transparent spending means that we actually see what we bought for $3,000,000.

We got HB 09-1288 passed because of citizen input.

House Bill 1288 - "Colorado Government Spending Transparency" was sponsored by Representative B.J. Nikkel and Senator Mike Kopp.

HB 1288 provides a database will be available January 1, 2010. Government expenditures will go up first and revenues will follow. The online database will be open free to the public.